Friday, 30 November 2012

Rain, Fake Nails & Music

Ah my lovely readers, I do apologise for being so quiet on the blogging front this month. It's always a bit of a hectic time of the year around Christmas and with the weather being as it is it hasn't helped matters.

Pretty much all my clothes fell victim to some leak in our bedroom so I had to wash (and I kid you not) over seventeen 20 litre bags of clothes. I didn't even know I owned that many clothes! Unfortunately a lot of them don't fit so I've put three of them to charity. I'm undecided about the rest but will sort it out over the weekend.

Anyway, now let's get to the fun stuff. As you may know from my previous nail polish related posts, I'm terrible for biting my nails which is why I bought some fake nails from Elegant Touch not too long ago. So, I figured seeing as whenever I have fake nails I never bite them, I'll try them out.

Here's last week's nails: Pink Polished Nails from Elegant Touch
Perfect match for my favourite coffee mug!!

Here's this week's nails: Black/Gold Glitter Tip Short Falsies from Elegant Touch
Perfect to infuse some sparkle into my off-duty look!

The pink polished ones lasted around 6 days. Which is a remarkable time given I was ridiculously careless around the house. With three replacements used I ended up removing them purely because they were not practical for the weather related house work ahead.

The black and gold glitter set has lasted me since the weekend but unfortunately the design is starting to wear off and I'm ready to try something new. So, today's their last day in action.

Tomorrow I'll go back to bare and then have a nosey around town at the rest of Elegant's touch collection. I've seen some Glitter ones which looked great for the party season ahead so I might just treat myself again. Oh btw, this is not a sponsored post or anything I just really was impressed with these falsies so want to stick with the brand.

Even better news? I didn't bite my nails once in all that time!

Monday, 5 November 2012

A trip down Memory Lane..

Last week I travelled to Germany for my BFF's wedding! Eek! I was so excited when she told me she was engaged (two weeks prior to the wedding!) and got the cheapest flight I could find to attend her Last Minute wedding in the depths of Bavaria.

I stayed at my parents flat in Germany and used the days before my BFF's big day to dwell in some old memories.

I found my old friendship book from back in elementary school. It was somewhat of a pre-facebook social must have when I was a kid. Every kid had one in the 90s. It's basically a book that you'd leave poems, notes, well wishes and drawings in for your friends to remember you by for when they turn old and/or nostalgic.

I took some pictures of a few entries in mine and translated them for you:

 "Life is like a stage play. What matters isn't the length but the skilled act. 
I wish you a happy, interesting and adventurous life - Martina G." 

"To be yourself, is more important than to be someone
Wishing you Luck, Health, Adventure, Warmth, Comfort and a pitch on the bright side of life - with love, your brother M."

We are all angels with only one wing. 
We have to embrace each other in order to fly. 
I wish you all the best and people who will always fly with you.
 Your German teacher, Theo W."

I don't want to sound soppy but it was really touching to read all those kind words. So, I've decided that when I have kids one day I'll make them start a friendship book too.

When you see the time and effort put into an entry like that, you know it's just not comparable to scrolling through your old Facebook wall. A website simply can't compete with that kind of thoughtful gesture.

Anyway, now that I'm back in the UK I've got some blog posts coming up you'll hopefully enjoy reading as much as I'll have fun writing them. Oh and I am planning a Give Away in time for Christmas! More info to follow....

Have a great week my lovelies!