Tuesday, 31 July 2012

10 Things I hate about you...

I hate that...
1. You stare at me with such a frown on your face every morning that I wished I could just crawl back into bed
2. You binge out on shit food and then complain that you're fat
3. You never leave the house without make-up on your face
4. You only call your mum if you start feeling guilty for not having spoken to her in weeks
5. You moan about something every single day
6. You don''t make enough time for your friends
7. You forget people's birthdays as if you don't care 
8. You are so stubborn
9. You say you're fine when you're not
10. Sometimes I struggle finding things I like about you


Friday, 13 July 2012


Say "Cheese" ;o) OH-EM-GEE , Amsterdam is just uh-mazing!

So, I might not remember everything that happened on my recent henweekend adventure in the city of cheese and bicycles but what I do recall is having an awesome time with friends in a very cool laid back city.

First off, some pictures:

What I liked the most about Amsterdam? Let's see... There was the largest floating Chinese Restaurant in the World and the cheese shops were quite something.. I don't think I have ever seen so much Gouda in my life! The historical monuments and houses, The city had so much charm despite the bicycles every 2 metres. (Seriously: They have too many of them!)

The beautiful canal belt and picturesque layout of Amsterdam was also very impressive. We took a boat tour which took us past all major historical sights and it was definitely worth it. Amsterdam is a truly beautiful city.

Everywhere we went we were met by extremely friendly faces. Whether in restaurants, bars or shops the Dutch folk seems pretty darn nice if you know how to smile back. Even when my bridesmaids forced me to walk around with a giant blow-up Edward Cullen doll (yes, really!) the locals saw the humour and didn't make me feel awkward at all. Some locals decided to pose with me for pictures of "Bella and Edward"...

The owner of the Italian restaurant we dined in that night even gave Edward his own chair.

So, would I recommend Amsterdam as a holiday destination? I would totally recommend it if you are in a group of friends. There are plenty of activities to enjoy and some really cool bars and local pubs.


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Neon Trend 2012

The Neon trend can seem very scary - at least to me it did, due to lack of tan and presence of curves. However, despite initial reservations against these stand out shades on my part, I can say I have warmed up to the bright colours as it definitely brightened up my mood whilst I was trying to wear the Neon look.

Here are some things to keep in mind when putting your Neon Trend outfit together.

1. Accessories should be kept to a classic minimum and in neutral or darker shade colours where possible. I've opted for some orange and pale pink beaded bracelets and a navy blue scarf paired with a black belt to break up the orange.

2. Dare to bare and show your legs off with neon shorts or skirts if you are sporting a tan. If you are pale like me it's probably best to slip on some black tights and ankle boots.

All in all, it's actually quite an easy trend to follow - I think the black/navy accessories worked well for me and my dark brown hair. This neon orange skater dress from Dorothy Perkins (although only worn once so far) will soon be back on my radar when the sky turns so grey that I need cheering up again!
(So fairly soon!!)

If you have a fairer complexion and hair, I'd probably suggest to go with neutral shaded accessories (beige, nude, pastel pink) to compliment this look.

If you feel like colour blocking I'd suggest opting for a colour block shift dress. There are a lot of hot neon colour block dresses out there. Just look in Miss Selfridge or Topshop - they have loads of them!

So, when will you be sporting your neon brights?


Saturday, 7 July 2012

Book Review: Shadow Souls - The Vampire Diaries

Time for another book review... with rainy days ahead let's look at a book series I absolutely love love love... The Vampire Diaries

I adore this book series so much as well as the TV Show which is currently on season break (boo!)

So, the most recent book I have read of this series is: "Shadow Souls" which is the 5th in the series. Stefan (Elena's vampire boyfriend) has been left to rott in the "Shi no Shi" - a prison in the Dark Dimension, which is a world where vampires and demons roam free and humans live as slaves of their supernatural masters. Responsible for his fate are no other than the evil kitsune Shinichi and Misao (fox spirits from Japan that were introduced in "Nightfall") so Elena, Damon and Matt are on the way to rescue him. Meanwhile, back in Fells church, Elenas best friends Meredith and Bonnie are trying to help free Stefan by gaining more information on the kitsune and trying to figure out what is going on with pregnant Caroline whose behaviour mirrors one of a wild animal rather than a human.

Stefan has always been portrayed as the obvious choice for Elena but the shadow which was Damon has been creeping up into the light of the storylines and finally, in this book his shadow has been given a real soul. We are succesfully introduced to the real Damon Salvatore and that's what I love about it.

Whatever it was that made her let the "bad boy" shine it shall be hailed in eternity because it was exactly the right thing to do! Damon Salvatore is not the obvious choice for Elena.

If you follow the series, you will agree that he is pretty much introduced as the Anti hero from the first time he is given a sentence to speak. As the obvious hero - you are introduced to Stefan, the sensible brother and tame vampire who doesn't kill people and spends most of his time thinking about how to make Elena happy.

Like Anne Rice and her love for her character Lestat, L.J Smith seems to favour Damon Salvatore in the book series. He is one of the best developed and most intriguing characters of the series. I believe L.J. Smith has taken the opportunity of the entire "The Return" series of the Vampire Diaries to increase focus on Elena and Damon rather than Stefan and Elena and I love it.

Do you read the Vampire Diaries? Have you read this book? Let me know what you think! X

Friday, 6 July 2012

Some freebies...

Okay, as you could see from my previous post, I like free stuff. Well, some of my favourite beauty & fashion mags have been including little gifts with their publications lately. Glamour, Marie Claire, Red and Elle all had a little freebie included and although I missed out on the Glamour Benefit make-up edition I have managed to grab a copy of the other ones.

Marie Claire's current issue included a lovely shade of Ciate nail polish. I absolutely LOVE this pale pink colour and have worn it all week! I adore pastels, what can I say? :o)

Red magazine included this amazing mascara by Jemma Kidd in their July issue. I have tried it and it's really lovely. No lumpy residue and it definitely adds volume to your lashes. Gorgeous treat!

Elle Magazine included a fab Reiss vest top in their July issue - now this was unfortunately a bit of a disappointment for me because I would estimate that it's a UK size 4, which unfortunately I am not... so I can't do much with it.

Have a great evening and enjoy the week my lovelies!


Thursday, 5 July 2012

New Hair Extensions - Whoop!

Hair extensions have undoubtedly become an exciting new fashion trend. Beside the new go-to hair do for recently separated celebs: the bob, according to a recent article in the Huffington Post nine out of ten celebs, TV personalities and models who are showing off long, lustrous flowing locks are blagging the look with hair extensions.

With my Spring wedding just around the corner, I have decided to follow in the style savvy footsteps of Cheryl Cole and Co. and put myself in the hands of Verve Hairdressing to lengthen my locks using Racoon Hair Extensions.

I was extremely pleased with the result and although I know my new long hair will require a lot more maintenance (special shampoo, conditioner, brush, styling techniques etc.) it will be worth it, I'm sure.

Here some Before and After pictures:

So, what do you think? :o)


Sunday, 1 July 2012

A lovely gift...

I received this goodie bag filled with beauty products for buying two Estee Lauder products at Boots last week. Whoop! (You gotta love freebies!)

So here's what Estee Lauder put in it (from left to right): Candy Shimmer No. 16 Lipstick, Advanced Night Repair Balm, Sumptuous Mascara (black), Daywear Creme SPF 15, "Pleasures" perfume, Pure Colour Eye Shadow Set - shades: ivory slipper (10), tranquil moon (13), lilac whimsy (67) and sepia sand (18) as well as their Perfectly Clean Splash Away Foaming Cleanser.

I'm looking forward to indulging in these little new friends of mine - oh the perfume is lush by the way. That I can already tell, however spray with caution it's a little on the potent side!

Head over to Boots to see if the promotion is still on - definitely worth it! <3

With that said. Have a great weekend my lovely readers!