Thursday, 16 May 2013

Books, Giveaway and a car boot sale

Oh dear, what a week!! So, I'm back to mobile blogging as my laptop has disappeared during our DIY adventure aka. living room.

My to do list keeps growing and hopefully after the plasterwork has dried we'll be able to finish this project quickly and end up with a new front room by the end of next week.

As you know, one of my favourite things is a good book. Always on top of my list! During my DIY related clear out I've decided to part with a chunk of my book collection to make space.

So, this coming Sunday I shall be flogging of some of my beloved printed friends at a local car boot. However, before I do so I thought I'll give you the chance to see these lovely pieces first and snatch one of them up for next to nothing before they to to the highest bidder at the booty.

I've uploaded some pictures of the ones I think are the best of the lot. Pre-loved and pre-read with care.

I figured perhaps one of you would like to read one of these books but might not be able to afford it so lets do a little giveaway.

One lucky reader will receive one of my favourite books for free !
Simply post your email address below and tell me which one you would like to win!

You can choose any of the ones pictured on this blog post by Saturday 16th of May 2pm! (UK time, UK residents only)
Winner will be chosen by and please only mention ONE book :)

Right, have fun and good luck ! :)

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