Saturday, 18 August 2012

Testing Primers - and found a winner!

One thing that I find the most important about Make Up is that I don't have to constantly fuss about it throughout the day. I want to be able to apply my Makeup in the morning and then go about my usual daily routine without having to constantly worry about a shiny nose or foundation melt downs.

The easiest way to ensure my Makeup stays in place is to apply a Primer each morning straight after my usual skin cleansing process. However, not every brand seems to offer a Primer or better said, not every store that sells Foundations actually stocks Primers.

So, here are the ones I have tried, tested against wind and weather and decided are worth possibly investing some money in - sorted by price:

Maybelline - The Smoother (Anti-Age) Primer
Price Range: £9 - £10 (available at Boots, Superdrug and others)
This Primer works well enough if you only apply a pea sized amount and then work it into your face in circular motions. It holds the Make Up in place for a good portion of the day but - and this is a BIG but it doesn't do anything else. It does not actually make your skin appear smoother (despite it's name) and personally I found that I could feel its oily texture on my face all day long.  Subsequently, I looked for something else.

L'Oreal - Studio Secrets Primer
Price Range: £13-£15 (available at Boots, Superdrug and others)
This Primer works absolute wonders but you have to apply a fair bit of it to be able to distribute it evenly, which means you run out quickly if you use it every day. Apart from that, it is good value for money - definitely reduces the appearance of pores. It also seemed particularly good for visibly reducing re-appearance of any shiny patches around the T-Zone. However, I had to touch up with powder about 2-3 times within 10hrs to reduce shine.

No7 - Airbrush Away Primer
Price Range: £19.50 (only available at Boots)

This Primer was only recently released by No7 and promised to allow me to flaunt picture-perfect skin. 
I tested this one last week and have to say, they kept their promise well! Other than its rival products you really only need a minute amount, which does save money in the long run despite having to fork out an initially higher price. Also, it felt really nice on my skin and not at all oily!

Lines and pores appeared reduced and my skin tone evened out. I've only had to touch up once the whole day and it kept a flawless look throughout. 

Definitely a Winner! :D X


Note: All Primers have been tested in combination with the following products:
Double Wear Stay in Place Foundation, Lucidity Pressed Powder and Bronze Goddess Soft Shimmer Bronzer - all by Estee Lauder