Friday, 13 July 2012


Say "Cheese" ;o) OH-EM-GEE , Amsterdam is just uh-mazing!

So, I might not remember everything that happened on my recent henweekend adventure in the city of cheese and bicycles but what I do recall is having an awesome time with friends in a very cool laid back city.

First off, some pictures:

What I liked the most about Amsterdam? Let's see... There was the largest floating Chinese Restaurant in the World and the cheese shops were quite something.. I don't think I have ever seen so much Gouda in my life! The historical monuments and houses, The city had so much charm despite the bicycles every 2 metres. (Seriously: They have too many of them!)

The beautiful canal belt and picturesque layout of Amsterdam was also very impressive. We took a boat tour which took us past all major historical sights and it was definitely worth it. Amsterdam is a truly beautiful city.

Everywhere we went we were met by extremely friendly faces. Whether in restaurants, bars or shops the Dutch folk seems pretty darn nice if you know how to smile back. Even when my bridesmaids forced me to walk around with a giant blow-up Edward Cullen doll (yes, really!) the locals saw the humour and didn't make me feel awkward at all. Some locals decided to pose with me for pictures of "Bella and Edward"...

The owner of the Italian restaurant we dined in that night even gave Edward his own chair.

So, would I recommend Amsterdam as a holiday destination? I would totally recommend it if you are in a group of friends. There are plenty of activities to enjoy and some really cool bars and local pubs.


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