Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Neon Trend 2012

The Neon trend can seem very scary - at least to me it did, due to lack of tan and presence of curves. However, despite initial reservations against these stand out shades on my part, I can say I have warmed up to the bright colours as it definitely brightened up my mood whilst I was trying to wear the Neon look.

Here are some things to keep in mind when putting your Neon Trend outfit together.

1. Accessories should be kept to a classic minimum and in neutral or darker shade colours where possible. I've opted for some orange and pale pink beaded bracelets and a navy blue scarf paired with a black belt to break up the orange.

2. Dare to bare and show your legs off with neon shorts or skirts if you are sporting a tan. If you are pale like me it's probably best to slip on some black tights and ankle boots.

All in all, it's actually quite an easy trend to follow - I think the black/navy accessories worked well for me and my dark brown hair. This neon orange skater dress from Dorothy Perkins (although only worn once so far) will soon be back on my radar when the sky turns so grey that I need cheering up again!
(So fairly soon!!)

If you have a fairer complexion and hair, I'd probably suggest to go with neutral shaded accessories (beige, nude, pastel pink) to compliment this look.

If you feel like colour blocking I'd suggest opting for a colour block shift dress. There are a lot of hot neon colour block dresses out there. Just look in Miss Selfridge or Topshop - they have loads of them!

So, when will you be sporting your neon brights?