Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Tribal nail wraps

Oh now look at that... After a long shopping spree in Exeter's high street I stumbled over these nail wraps in Urban Outfitters on Saturday. I love all things aztec and tribal at the moment so had to pick a pack up despite a slightly concerning price tag of £7 (sorry, but it is just stickers, right?)

Anyway, here's what it looks like:

I decided to apply the nail wraps to two fingers on each hand and paint the rest of my nails in Leighton Denny Plush Pink nail varnish which I think looks quite cute. I am in love with that nail varnish by the way - total beauty must have!

The nail wraps were easy enough to apply: First you lightly file the top of your nail and disinfect it with the supplied aceton wipe and then apply the sticker. Once applied, you fold the nail wrap over and shape your nail using the supplied nail file.

I think it looks nice but you can notice that it's stuck on so I am not getting too excited about it. The nail wraps are said to last up to 10 days, so far it's been 2 days and I have noticed a few of the ends coming off a little - the wear is not too noticeable yet but I'd estimate a max of another days wear before I need to replace the stickers which is a bit of a downer. I'd have hoped to at least reach 5 days if it promises a total of 10.

Anyway, for the time being it compliments my current bohemian inspired wardrobe so that's good enough. :)



  1. They're cute. It's a shame about the broken promise though. For £7 you'd expect a little more :/ xo

  2. That's a shame they don't last very long they look amazing!