Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Liebster Blog Award

The Liebster Blog Award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Thank you Sarah (from My Wishlist) for tagging me.. so here goes:

The Rules: 1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves. 2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create eleven questions for the people you've tagged. 3. Choose eleven people and link them in your post. 4. Go to their page and tell them. 5. Remember no tag backs!

11 Things About Me
1) I am originally from Germany
2) I speak 6 languages
3) I have a six year old Westie who I love very much
4) I don't share food (not even leftovers)
5) I am obsessed with cars
6) I work for and am obsessed with Fantasy Shopper
7) I used to be editor in chief of my school newspaper in High School (yes, geeky much!)
8) I love to cook and try new recipies
9) I can't survive a day without a Latte
10) The most famous person I have ever met is Heidi Klum
11) My catchphrase is "Really?"

Questions from Sarah for me:
What is your Beauty Routine?
After cleansing my face with Johnsons Daily Essentials Gentle Exfoliating Wash, I apply my Johnsons moisturiser  followed by L'Oreal's primer, Estee Lauder's foundation and face powder and apply Maybelline's illegal lashes mascara and Benefit Bad Gal Lashes mascara. Then I line my eyes with Rimmel's soft kohl eyeliner and apply a bit of blusher to my cheeks. I also use a mud mask once a week.

How much have you spent on make up in the last month or last 3 months?
In the last month probably around £30. In the last 3 months I'd say somewhere between £120-150.

How often do you clean your make up brushes/foundation sponges?
I clean my make up brush every other day. I don't use sponges as they are hard to keep bacteria free.

Are you on YouTube?
Yes, but it's more of a collection of nonsense videos I created or stuff I did to use on Facebook. You can check it out here.

Desert Island Discs - music you'd take to an island?
Any Foo Fighters Album

How many people do you follow on Twitter?
Currently I follow around 91 people

How often do you paint your nails?
Nearly every day because I tend to bite the nail varnish off when I get stressed!

Handbag Essentials?
Make Up Powder, iPhone, Filo Fax, Keys, Earphones, Chewing gum and Mascara

If you had £1000 to spend what would you buy? Make up/beauty/perfume only!
Oh I would go for perfume. There are so many fragrances I lust over but can't get myself to splurge out on because I have so many already!! I'd definitely get the new fragrance from Roberto Cavalli and I'd also try some more Estee Lauder products I suppose. I've been meaning to stock up on lipsticks for a while so I'd splurge out on an entire colour palette.

When did you get into Blogging and why?
I started blogging in February this year. My main reason was to help myself wind down after work and do something I'm passionate about (writing). Unfortunately, I haven't found enough time to blog more than 2-3 times a month yet. This is about to change though - promise!

Lastly,what do you intend to purchase next, in terms of Beauty/Make Up?
I am planning on buying L'Oreals Elvive Extraordinary oil Sublime Hair Enhancer. I've seen some good reviews for it and supposed to be a really good conditioning treatment for all hair types. So, my curiosity spiked - especially after hearing it's only a tenner.

Questions for the people I Tag:
1) What is your favourite beauty product?
2) Which item in your wardrobe would you never ever throw away?
3) Do you follow all fashion trends religiously?
4) What was your very first blog post about?
5) What is your favourite fashion brand?
6) Twitter or Facebook?
7) Would you ever go out without any hint of Make up?
8) Do you shop by price tag or style?
9) Are you a shoe addict or Handbag collector?
10) What's your favourite designer?
11) What is your favourite book?

"11" people I'm Tagging: 
Now, this was very hard because I know you're only supposed to tag people with less than 200 followers on their blog and apparently I don't follow many that fall into that category.

I quite enjoyed having a look around for some new blogs but found it difficult to discover some without a huge following. It's a shame really because I am sure there are many awesome blogs out there with a handful of followers who'd deserve a mention.

So, here goes the list - unfortunately not 11 but only 3 bloggers that really stood out to me.
However, I would love it if you guys could suggest some more blogs out there that have a low following but really stand out to you and I'll give them a shout out on here! :)

1 ) (Jen)
2 ) (Len)
3 ) (Amy)

added some more following Jen's recommendation below:

6 )



  1. Hi Kate. Thank you for the mention and tag. It's an honour.

    It's amazing that you speak 6 languages!!! You're a linguist!

  2. Hi there Kate! Thank you for passing on the liebster my way. I too am impressed with the 6 languages. I'll try and work all your questions soon. What fun :)

    1. Kate, I forgot to mention some blogs that inspire me. They are also children's writer blogs- completely awesome ones! Enjoy!

  3. Just posted my Liebster Award! Thanks again Kate :)

  4. Awesome read. Glad to see and I'll add the above blogs to my list and give them a shout out. Nice! xo