Sunday, 7 October 2012

On the train

I rarely take the train. So, I don't really know what's train protocol. Like, what do people do besides sit and stare at their iPhones? Read? Well, I didn't have a book with me so when I was on my way up to London the other day I got bored listening to my iPod very quickly.

To be honest, it all started fairly normal. I was checking my Facebook status on my iPhone and thought my profile picture could use some updating. After all, I've cut my hair since that picture was taken and even dyed it slightly red so I looked to my left and the right (ninja style) and started snapping away with Instagram.

30 odd pictures later I still wasn't happy with any of the photos. This is where a normal person would admit defeat and go back to listening to music. After all I was sitting in first class surrounded by fairly professional looking people on my way to a seminar to meet more professional people. Well, instead of that I decided to do the opposite of normal...

I angled my head, slight pout, slight look to the camera, look to the side and then I figured I might as well have fun with it and ignored the fact that I looked like a self-obsessed lunatic...

Yup, I need help. Like professional help. Like 999 emergency call there's a lunatic in the train sort of help.

Anyway, nobody noticed me so I didn't get help and I am still a bit nuts. :)

But hey, it's okay - who wants to be normal anyway?


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